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AquaNovoBoot - First complete system for custom made ski boots worldwide

Born in water. Made for snow.

With the AquaNovoBoot system the skier stands with ski boots in the bootbox, which is then flooded with water. Within ten minutes the Sporthütte Fiegl team foams up the liner, and at the same the bootbox shapes the outside of the ski boot to measure. The AquaNovoBoot offers every skier an individually-shaped fitting with the highest degree of comfort.

The AquaNovoBoot collection comprises seven models of perfect-fit ski boots. The AquaNovoBoot ski boot has been worked out technically to the last detail. Particular attention was paid to high-quality shell material of polyurethane. The actual custom ski boot liner is unique on the market, as are comfortable insoles, threetimes fortified and custom made.

Bootfitting. Custom ski boots are more than custom fit.

We are often told by our customers that they have had their former ski boots made by a bootfitter, but that the ski boot still did not fit or was even painful. A number of bootfitters claim that they offer a fitting and that they can make a customized ski boot. But this is simply not the case. “Bootfitting“ means simply ”optimising“ an already existing standard “basic form“ of boot. Typical bootfitting is not made-to-measure, it is more making adjustments to pre-prepared ski boots. 

The comfort, stablity, etc. are not nearly the same.What we can state with 100 per cent certainty is that bootfitting has nothing to do with ski boots made to measure. Only a ski boot consisting of the following elements can be considered a customized ski boot:

  • Ski boot shape (without liner)
  • Custom-filled liner
  • A ski boot insole (not pre-formed, simply a flat blank) to give an individual footbed

If you have these three elements, then you are having a custom made ski boot for you, and this has nothing to do with bootfitting.

Custom made ski boot collection

The AquaNovoBoot Collection consists of six custom made ski boot models. The basis of developing a foamed ski boot is the shell. Its form and symmetry needs to correspond to individual foot types as well as to individual skiing performance. Consequently the final choice for an AquaNovoBoot model can only be made individually with the assistance of an expert.

For further information: www.aquanovoboot.de

Well now, are you interested?

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