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Boot fitting for ski boots

Adjustments down to the millimetre

Custom fit-ski boots: charming, and not all that expensive

Well-fitted boots are a must if you want to become a good skier. It’s certainly worth the investment because bespoke boots last for up to 15 seasons, cost only a fraction more than top-of-the-range models bought off the shelf and offer a priceless skiing experience.

The right ski boots can make or break a good day of skiing – sound familiar? In Sporthütte Fiegl’s high-tech workshop, we adjust by hand models from various different brands to meet the anatomical needs of their future wearers. Our experienced professionals also work on products from the Austrian pioneer Strolz as well as modern ski footwear from Atomic, Fischer, Salomon etc. Their expert knowledge of orthopaedics as well as the craft is why Sporthütte’s reputation in all things boot fitting is so extraordinary.

Our Credo: Happy feet!

Our Happy Feet boot fitting system consists of three basic steps and aims to make skiers and their feet happy across the board.

We would be happy to ensure your perfect day on the slopes.

Give us as much information as possible regarding your skiing habits so that we can properly address your needs. Our team will happily work with you on creating the perfect skiing experience – ideally in the afternoon, because the foot swells
slightly throughout the day.

Arrange your  appointment

+43 5254 5222

 Our ski boot expert: Hans Peter

Skischuh-Experte Hanspeter Kuen

Our ski boot expert
hans-peter recommends:

“There is continuous movement happening inside a ski boot. As a result, any problem areas are easily magnified. The fit and wearing comfort of a bespoke ski boot is, however, wholly unique! It also costs only slightly more than any other premium ski boot on the shelf. And you can use it for 10 to 15 years!“

high tech shops at
the Sporthütte Fiegl

Orthopedic knowledge, skilled craftmanship and state-of-the-art technology: Your feet benefit from our ski boot experts' decades of experience in the field. We will create the perfect boot for you.

This is how custom boot fitting works:

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