The AquaNovoBoot marks the start of a new era in boot fitting. The innovative "made-in-Germany" ski boot combines tailor-made service and innovative technology. The revolutionary system includes an individually foamed ski boot with moulded shell and a hand-made custom insole.


Your journey to a dream pair of ski boots

Following a precise analysis of your feet with insole and ski boot shell, you’ll step into our "bootbox", which consists of plexiglass and is filled with water.

Not to worry: You won’t get wet feet. A sophisticated combination of air and water pressure simultaneously starts the production process for the creation of the foamed insole and the ski boot shell.

Ten minutes


For ten minutes, you’ll remain in the "boot box" for adjustment. Then, after just half an hour, you’ll receive your customised ski boots. All prices, further information, and technical details are available at

Your AquaNovoBoot features a fit guarantee

You need not worry if you are not satisfied with your made-to-measure ski boots. It is rare, but security for our customers is important to us. Before the start of production, you will receive a passport from us with all the important data.

On the back of the card, you will find hints and photos for handling and maintenance to help you maintain the high quality of your AquaNovoBoots.

Both customer and manufacturer sign the passport guarantee card. If reworking is necessary, please bring your identity card with you!

In order to maintain the high quality of our made-to-measure ski boots, you must follow a few care instructions for the handling and storage of your ski boots. Please note that if these rules are disregarded, we can unfortunately not guarantee the fit of your made-to-measure ski boots!

Longing to feel comfortable in your ski boots at long last? We can help!

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