How do the ski rental categories differ? What are the advantages of a ski depot? And how can I pay? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products, services and the company at a glance.

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Which ski and snowboard category fits me?

You can choose from four different classes. This is how they differ:

  • TOP - For beginners and price-conscious savers. These skis forgive mistakes on your first turns.
  • VIP - Suitable for advanced skiers. With these all-mountain skis, you are guaranteed to have lots of fun on the piste. The models are easy to ski with little effort.
  • PLATIN - Ambitious, experienced winter sports enthusiasts who are looking for sporty skis with a smooth ride and good edge grip will find what they are looking for here.
  • DIAMANT - Highest demands? Then this category offers exclusive riding pleasure with high-end performance models from the leading brands.

What advantages do I have by booking online?

Our online ski hire saves you valuable time and money.

By making your reservation at home, you can enjoy more holiday time. At the same time, you secure an online discount of - 15 %!

How much discount do I get for online ski rental at Sporthütte Fiegl?

If you book your rental equipment with us early, you will benefit from a 15% online discount.

Tip: You can also save money on ski tickets by buying them in advance.

What data is required for snowboard or ski hire?

In addition to the basic data (first and last name, address, date of birth, e-mail address), we also need the relevant information on height, weight and skiing ability for a safe binding adjustment in accordance with the ISO standard.

Please note: If you would also like to reserve equipment for your family or partner in advance, please also have their details ready.

How do I find out if my online reservation has worked?

After successfully completing your booking, you will receive a reservation confirmation via email.

If it has not landed in your inbox, please contact us via a brief message to or by phone at +43-5254-5222-16.

Is identification required and which documents are accepted?

If you rent equipment from us, we require a copy of your identification.

The following are accepted:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driver's license
  • Credit card as proof of identity

Your document will, of course, not be retained by us but will only be viewed and recorded.

What payment options are available for online ski hire?

Here we offer immediate bank transfer or payment of the invoice amount by credit card.

Can I exchange the rental equipment free of charge?

Yes, you can exchange your ski hire equipment free of charge during our opening hours.

Are your ski boots pinching or do you feel uncomfortable on the piste with your skis? We always focus on your enjoyment of the sport. That's why you can exchange your hire equipment within the same category at any time - during the opening hours of our shops - free of charge. If you want to hire a product from a higher category, you will have to pay the corresponding surcharge for the category change.

Can I reserve a specific model of my choice?

If possible, we will try to fulfil this.

Please contact us in advance by email or telephone or let us know when you make your online ski reservation. We cannot give a 100 % guarantee. However, we promise to do our best or offer you an equivalent product if the desired product is not available.

Note: Please inform us of your request again on site. In the event of overlapping hire periods or early returns, we will of course be happy to provide you with your desired ski.

Are the ski poles included in the hire price?

Yes, the poles are already included in the hire price of the skis.

That's why there are no hidden costs with us.

Can I book an appointment for a ski boot fitting in advance?

Yes, we recommend this option.

This ensures that our boot fitting experts can address your concerns and preferences in a targeted manner. Additionally, providing some initial information (intended use, budget, etc.) in advance helps us find the best solution for you. To schedule an appointment, send your inquiry to or call us at: +43 5254 5222.

Can I pick up my equipment earlier?

Yes, you can collect your rental skis or snowboard from us from 3 pm the day before.

You can then make your first turns on the piste at your leisure. Take advantage of this free service from Sporthütte Fiegl.

What happens if I want to keep my equipment for longer than originally booked?

No problem.

You can of course keep your equipment for longer and simply pay the difference on site.

Is a ski or snowboard rental service included in the price during the rental period?

Always included, always in top condition.

Skis and snowboards are prepared before each hire and are therefore handed out in top condition. If your equipment still needs a service during the hire period, this is included in the price.

Where do I return the rental equipment?

We offer you several options.

  • Return can be made either at the Sporthütte Fiegl shop where you received the equipment.
  • Alternatively, you can return it at one of the five rental points throughout the entire ski area. This is facilitated through the collaboration of partners Sporthütte Fiegl and Sport Riml.

Can my online reservation be changed at a later date?

Of course.

You can inform us of your modification request even before the first rental day by sending an email to or by calling +43 5254 5222. Alternatively, you can communicate the change directly during your visit to the shop. If you wish to switch to a different category, an additional fee (for a higher category) may apply, or we will refund the difference when changing to a lower rental category.

What happens if I am injured or fall ill during my holiday?

If you fall ill or unfortunately get injured during your stay, we will refund the money for the unused days.

For this, the rental equipment must be returned by 9 a.m. starting from the day it is no longer in use.

How can I cancel my online reservation?

In case of illness, the made online reservation can be easily canceled.

The prerequisite for this is the presentation of a medical certificate. Without this proof, cancellation fees will be charged according to our applicable General Terms and Conditions.

Here's how it works: If you want to cancel a reservation, send us an email at, and we will refund the respective amount to your account. Due to the circumstances in banking transactions, it may take a few days for the money to be credited to your account.

How do I book a deposit?

Either you send us an inquiry before your stay, or you can reserve directly on-site.

Tip: In our three branches, we have space for approximately 1,000 pairs of skis or snowboards. Especially during peak seasons (Christmas, New Year's, Easter, holidays, ...), it is advisable to make a reservation in advance to secure your personal storage.

Is there a discount for the custody account?

Yes, for our customers.

Customers who rent their ski equipment from us receive a 50% discount.

How much does it cost to hire a Depot Deluxe box for skis or snowboards from you?

Ski storage is not all the same. Our accommodation for your winter sports equipment is significantly different from other offerings.

  • You conveniently open our storage cabinets with your ski pass, ensuring maximum security and privacy.
  • Additionally, you have ample space for your skis, snowboards, boots, helmet, gloves, and poles.
  • While you enjoy your time off, your equipment is automatically dried and disinfected.
  • You also benefit from short distances due to our location directly at the cable car or entry point to the slope.

How much capacity does your ski depot have?

Overall, there are storage cabinets available for approximately 1,000 pairs of skis and snowboards.

Each unit provides space for two pairs of skis or snowboards, two pairs of ski boots or snowboard boots, two helmets, two pairs of gloves, and ski poles.

When is the depot open?

Our depot lockers are accessible daily from 8.15 am to 6 pm.

Subject to changed opening hours.

Can I insure my rental equipment?

Yes, we offer you the option of insurance for rental equipment in the event of breakdown or theft.

For a favourable flat rate of 3.50 euros per day (for adults) and 1.50 euros per day (for teenagers & children), you are automatically 100% insured, with no excess. In the event of theft, a police report is required.

What happens if I don't have insurance?

Then the respective current value of the borrowed equipment must be paid.

What do I have to do if the insured event occurs? For example, if my skis are damaged or stolen?

In case of breakage, the damage is 100% covered by insurance (intentional damage).

If your rental skis have been stolen, we require a police report from you to process the insurance claim. The relevant police station in Sölden is located near our shops.

Where and how can I buy Sporthütte Fiegl vouchers?

On-site or through our online shop on the internet.

You have the option to purchase gift vouchers directly in our shops or obtain a value voucher through our online shop. Simply download the desired voucher, print it conveniently at home, and present it to the recipient. You can download the voucher and also easily print it at home to promptly hand it over to the recipient.

Can products be tested before purchase?

Yes, skis and snowboards can be tried out as rental equipment before making a purchase.

If you like the item and decide to purchase it, we will refund a portion of the rental fee to you. The refund is applicable for a maximum of 3 days, excluding any insurance fees. You are not required to commit in advance to avail yourself of this option.

How does the exchange of purchased items work?

Yes, but we need a valid invoice or receipt for an exchange/complaint.

You are welcome to choose another product in our shops. The prerequisite for this is that the goods are unused or free from damage. Exchanges and returns are possible in all our shops. Please note: A refund of the invoice amount is not possible. Goods that have already been reduced cannot be exchanged.

How can I pay in the Sporthütte Fiegl shops?

We accept cash, EC cards and credit cards at our branches.

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